​We will research incentives, rebates, leasing, and financing programs, nationwide, to find customers additional dollars to help pay for their projects. We will work with facility managers, service providers, utilities, federal entities, and lending institutes, to get the necessary paperwork filed and processed for your financial incentives. We get paid when you receive your funds, so no upfront costs to you.

Many companies miss out on additional outside funding because they did not file the paperwork ahead of time and get pre-approval, or they did not realize there was an incentive available until it was too late. We will work with you to stay ahead of your projects and get the paperwork filed early so the money is available when the project is completed.

Utility Rate Review

When submitting paperwork for rebates and incentives, we will ask you to provide a copy of a 1 month bill. That will help us fill out the paperwork, and at the same time allow us to review the utility rate. We want to verify you are on the lowest rate. If we find a cheaper rate for you, we will advise you of the savings. For this service, we will ask you to share some of the savings with us over a period of time. Again, we only get paid when you see savings.

Detailed Incentive Report

Since we will be processing all of your incentives for you, we will provide you with a detailed report showing all of the incentives you received across your book of facilities. And if you did not receive an incentive on a project, we will explain why.


Walk-through Energy Assessments

This assessment is an ASHRAE Level 1 assessment. It involves a brief interview with site operating personnel, a review of the facilities utility bills, a collection of operating data, and a walk-through of the building. The assessment will result in a high level energy-use analysis and a short report detailing recognizable energy efficiency opportunities. This report can be used to recommend efficiency upgrades across your entire book of facilities. Contact us for price.

Third Party Review

If a service provider comes to you with a proposal to help you save energy/money, we will review it with you to give you an unbiased opinion at no cost. If you move forward with the project and there is an incentive available to you, we will file and process the paperwork for you, and ask for a portion of the funds for our effort.

​We provide customers with the best ROI available on their energy saving and routine maintenance projects. 

Energy Saving Webinar

We provide an energy saving webinar exclusively designed for Retail and Grocery chain stores. We also have a specialized webinar for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) conversion for your vehicles, also resulting in energy savings. Contact us for details. 


When appropriate, we will provide you with advice on equipment changes to help achieve additional incentive dollars. If necessary, we will provide you with a payback analysis on the incremental cost difference.

​Getting your Energy Money back into your hands!