Dan Behm 



ROI Energy Investments has 28 years of experience in the energy industry. 

Specifically our staff has worked for:

  • Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) – Specializing in: Electric and gas distribution and Energy Efficiency for large commercial and industrial customers.  Managed Time-of-use program and the Demand Load Control program.​

  • Franklin Energy within the Wisconsin Focus On Energy Program.  Franklin Energy is a major Commercial and Multi-family program Implementer for Focus On Energy, as well as other utility programs across the US.


Since October 2014, Our customers have received over $9,000,000 in incentives from utility programs nation wide.


Our Company


​​We specialize in: Getting their energy money back!

We do it by:

  • Filing and processing incentive/grant paperwork
  • Calculating Energy savings and ROI
  • Finding incentive dollars for projects such as lighting, HVAC, new construction, refrigeration, renewables, EMS, etc.
  • Using our experience and knowledge to manage multiple projects so opportunities are not missed. 
  • We use our in depth understanding and experience on how utility programs work, to get energy money back in your pocket.

For Our Environment

​​1% of our profits are for our environment.


ROI Energy Investments takes 1% of our profits and purchases trees to be planted by local environment groups. These trees actually help offset the carbon foot print for the businesses we work with, and actually make their projects greener. 

Customers can contribute a percentage of their rebate dollars to these projects as well.

For Our Customers 

Michael Holman

Project Manager

Matt Behm

Rebate Advisor

Ms. Piper

Director of Security

and Document Shredder

​Getting your Energy Money back into your hands!

Abby Glawe

Rebate Assistant